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Popfilm is an independent production and service company based in Budapest, Hungary. Our philosophy is to discover the young, upcoming talents, their unique voice and ideas. Then, we strive for the Big: to develop their ideas into a captivating story, be it a Short or a Feature, a curious animation or compelling drama, a delightful comedy or intriguing thriller. Great stories are universal and should engage audiences both domestically and abroad. Therefore, we aim to collaborate with like-minded partners both on a national and international level. If you feel you can contribute to our efforts, contact us.


Karoly Feher - producer

the wednesday child
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90‘, drama
Director: xxxxx xxxxxxx
Producer: yyyyy yyyyyyy
2015, Popfilm, Detailfilm, Filmpartners
Another festival, another win! The Wednesday Child snagged the Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award for Best Film at the 21st Kolkata International Film Festival. Headed by Sharmila Tagore, the jury selected the Best Film and Best Director from 14 short-listed movies. Producer Károly Fehér and lead actress Kinga Vecsei attended the ceremony and accepted the award in person.
After the success in Karlovy Vary and Cottbus, The Wednesday Child finally hits home: The national premiere of Lili Horváth’s debut feature will be held on December 1st in Budapest’s MOM Park Cinemas. The film will be released on December 3rd in selected theatres nationwide, accompanied by road shows in several Hungarian cities and meet-and greet with key cast members.
The Wednesday Child, Lili Horváth’s first feature won the top prize in Karlovy Vary's East of the West competition and snagged the Fedeora (Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean) Award as well. The jury was captivated by the narrative structure, the masterful directing and the high quality of the acting, which all help to push The Wednesday Child way beyond its relatively classical plot.
(source: Cineuropa)

Károly Fehér, producer
+36 20 945 0139


Sofija Sztepanov, junior producer 
+39 348 6951188

+36 30 829 6553 


Head Office

Erzsébet körút 34. First floor.

1073 Budapest

about hungary
Besides various impressive locations, highly skilled, multilingual film experts,
state of the art studios and sound stages, industry standard equipment,
first class post-production facilities,  Hungary offers  the film tax incentive. 

Films (for cinema and television) produced in Hungary are eligible for a 30% rebate                    based on their expenditure emerged in the country. The incentive is available through                     local business companies who receive significant tax relief after their support of films.




To become a Hungarian is nearly an impossible mission. A 57-year-old African-American refugee named Wilson tries it anyway.
Genre: drama
Director: Roland VRANIK
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
Co-producer: Csaba TÓTH, Klára GARAS
Cast: dr. Marcelo CAKE-BALY, Ági MÁHR, Shekari ARGHAVAN
108 min. / 2016, Popfilm
The Wednesday Child
The story of The Wednesday Child is centered around a 19 year old girl, who recently got out of state care and opens up a laundromat with the help of a microloan program. She is willing to go to any length to fit into society and obtain the custody rights for his young son, who stayed behind in the orphanage.
Genre: drama
Director: Lili HORVÁTH
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
Co - Producer: Henning KAMM, Ági PATAKI, Klári Garas
Cast: Kinga VECSEI, Zsolt ANTAL, Szabolcs THURÓCZY
93 min. / 2015, Popfilm, Detailfilm, Filmpartners, Filmreaktor
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (2015); East of West Award, Fedora Award
Kolkata International Film Festival (2015), Festival Prize (Lili Horváth, Károly Fehér Popfilm)
Cottbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema (2015), Grand Prize (Lili Horváth)
Trieste Film Festival (2016); Best Feature Film
Festival International du Film d'Amour de Mons (2016), European Competition – Grand Prix Prize
Dark Chambers
Diploma film - short film
Director: Dorottya RUSZKA, Detti PÁLFI, Annabella SCHNABEL, Lilla TÍMÁRI, Ulla NAGY, Mária MOHÁCSI, Anna FIGNÁR, Babett E. SZIKORA, Dániel FÜZES
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
2015, Popfilm
A woman falls out of the window of an apartment house. On her way back, she witnesses seven stories, one on each floor.
Genre: drama
Director: György PÁLFI
Producer: Ferenc PUSZTAI, Csilla SZENTIRMAI, Gergő SZETLIK
Cast: Piroska MOLNÁR, Miklós BENEDEK, Tamás JORDÁN
90 min. / 2014, Popfilm
Backstairs, Paris
Paris, early ’90s. Julia rents a tiny flat on the top floor of an elegant building. She is both repulsed and attracted to her autonomous musician neighbor, distancing herself from the world of her home and her love. In the flat, she tries to cover up the dirt, stains and stink - but there comes a point when she can no longer avoid facing herself.
Genre: drama
Director: Pici PÁPAI
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
Cast: Diána KISS, Nikola PAROV, Bence MÁTYÁSSY
30 min. / 2014, Popfilm
Cold Shower
During a warm summer night, Robert, a naive 17 year old and Feri, the roma member of the high school drama group, are forced to deal with prejudices, that have existed longer then themselves.
Genre: drama
Director: Orsi NAGYPÁL
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
Co - Producer: Judit ROMWALTER, György DURST, Orsi NAGYPÁL
Cast: Ferenc MARGL, Sándor BENCZE, András Attila LUKÁCS
14 min. / 2013, Popfilm
Everybody Is Happy
Genre: black comedy
Director: Attila HERCEG
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
Cast: Ferenc ELEK, Tamás LENGYEL, Sándor SIMICZ, Anna Júlia KISS
15 min. / 2010, Popfilm
Girl, mother, lover - all in the body of a teenager. Maja has to face the responsibility of early motherhood. Being a child herself she can't stand the pressure. Running away from her beloved baby turns out to be her first mature decision.
Genre: drama
Director: Lili HORVÁTH
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
Cast: Franciska TÖRÖCSIK, Borbála PÉTERFFY, Attila Géza LÁSZLÓ
35 min. / 2009, Popfilm
A suppressed woman's fight for her sanity and independence within the blocks and bunkers of an ex-Soviet military compound.
Genre: drama/horror crossover
Screenplay: Balázs LOVAS
Director: Péter FAZEKAS
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
Script development, supported by the Hungarian National Film Fund
Istok, The Fool
It's not those things you have done that are unforgivable, but those that you have not.
Genre: biographic drama
Director: Georgina HEGEDŰS
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
Script development, supported by the Hungarian National Film Fund
Bath of Blood
When darkness rises over Budapest, the water will be tinted red.
Genre: thriller, horror
Director: Yvonne KERÉKGYÁRTÓ
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
2016, Popfilm
Devastating love, 2D blood, leper and hunt: Candide forever.
Genre: animation
Director: Zsuzsanna KREIF
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
Co - Producer: Brigitta IVÁNYI -BITTER
13 x 7 min.
New sequence and remake of the 70's animated series
about the bunny who can fly with its propeller ears.
Genre: animation
Director: Csaba GELLÁR
Production designer: Barbara BAKOS
Producer: Károly FEHÉR
13 x 5 min.